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Historically the swinging scene has typically been heavily influenced by those in their 40s and 50s, but as time has past and sexual liberation has become more widely accepted, the number of younger swingers entering the scene has grown to a point where there are a large number of swingers in their late teens (18 & 19) and early twenties joining in the fun!

There are no doubt many reasons for this, many people have previously suggested that it is only when we hit our 30's that we become confident in our own bodies, but personally i would suggest that the increase is more due to sexual boundaries being removed in our more open society and the increased use of the internet amongst younger adults. But where does this leave the slightly older swingers when it comes to finding people they want to play with?

Well, luckily, these young swingers entering the scene are also allot more open minded than many people would give them credit for, in the majority they are not just here to play with other young swingers, but also to experiment with more mature couples and older swingers. Many of the younger single guys are here looking for the ultimate American Pie MILFs swinger experience, and when there's young guys looking for older women, you can be sure there's older women looking to get laid by a well hung young man with the added stamina of youth!

Due to the influx of younger swingers into the swinging scene there has also been an increase in the number of parties and swingers club night being run specifically for younger swingers, typically these have an upper age limit of 36 thus ensuring that the attendees are all within the 'young' genre. If you're looking for nights like this yourself, then you may want to look at the parties run under the names of Belle Baise in Nottingham, 35South at F-Club and Fever in London, these are the best of the best parties for under 40's and we would recommend a visit to any of them!

YoungStud - 22 YO, straight, well hung male (10") WLTM older ladies for nights of naughty fun and debauchery! New to swinging (as such) but know how to use what i have, not worried about group situations as I've been in a few during my time in uni and always enjoyed.......>> more

SammiePaul - 21F 24M - F 5'6" slim, brunette, 34D M 6'1" slim, short dark hair. We're both pretty relaxed sexually and have been together for the last 3 years and enjoy a fantastic sex life that we would now like to enjoy with others. We'd love to meet a single bi-fem (wouldn't everyone) but we would also like to meet some other young couples for nights in or out. F would also like to try a small gangbang with maybe 3 or 4 older guys, so if you're over 40 and single please get in touch........>> more

Whether you're looking for younger swingers to play with, or your a young swinger and looking for some sexy adverts to check out, then join us now and find yourself in good company with our many other younger swinging couples and singles!

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