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In recent times we've seen an increase in not only the number of people searching for black swingers, but also the number of black and mixed raced swingers joining the site. This is great news for everyone involved as it once again proves that the swinging scene isn't insular and that everyone is welcomed with open arms, and in many cases, open legs!

But the thing that got us wondering was why were people specifically searching for 'black swingers', after all, most of the people in the scene really couldn't care less what the colour of someone's skin is, so long as their good fun both in and out of the bedroom!

And to be honest, it didn't take long for us to discover what was driving this search term! It turns out that many of our female members have a bit of a fantasy about being fucked by a well endowed black guy, and then in many cases their partners also shared the fantasy and liked the idea of sitting back cuckold style and watching their partners being fucked long and hard by a black guy with a massive cock!

From all accounts and reading some of the forum and blog posts of our members, it seems that there are a great number of you now living out your fantasies.

But where does this leave our black swinging couples, well to be honest, it doesn't change their position at all as they will still pop up in the normal search results and again after reading some of the members blogs, it would seem that their having just as much fun as they ever had! I truly think that the search term of 'black swingers' has simply arisen due to cuckold couples and those women with fantasies of large black cocks!

BLKM35 - I am professional mid thirties black guy who takes pride in his appearance. Easy going, open minded and love to experiment with females couples and groups. I especially like to please women with hours or oral sex and helping them live out their fantasies.

I've been used as a bull by cuckold couples in the past which i have to say was a lot of fun, but i've also got plenty of experience in one on one and being a third for interactive couples. Happy to fit into many situations so long as every one knows what the limits and boundaries are to ensure we all have a lot of fun together ....>> more

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